The Roots of Up to Earth

Hi there and thanks for visiting our blog! As this is my first post as a contributor, I figured this was a good time to introduce myself. My name is Kim and the journey to where I am today began when I decided to break free from the treadmill grind and move my running routine outdoors.

SC running trail

On a wooded trail in South Carolina was where my love and appreciation for nature truly began to flourish. The fresh air, greenery, and wildlife were peaceful and inspiring, and the first time my shoe hit the dirt I knew I wasn’t going back to the gym.

When I moved back to my hometown in Illinois I switched to road running out of convenience and it provided all the things I enjoyed about trail running with the added benefit of easily accessible water and the safety of not being alone in the middle of the woods. It wasn’t long before I started noticing litter on the streets, and since it was easy enough to pick up random pieces and throw them in people’s trash cans as I jogged by, I decided to take the initiative to do my part to clean up and beautify my quaint little town.

I soon started identifying problem areas during my runs and set out with a trash bag afterwards with the sole purpose of picking up a block or two. The stray styrofoam cup or potato chip bag are eye-catching from the street, but when you actually get up close you find that the problem is much worse. Pieces of broken glass, plastic lids, crushed cans buried halfway in the dirt – they’re there and they’re not going anywhere until somebody cleans them up.

It was about this time that I was reacquainted with high school friend, Aaron, who just so happened to have started cleaning up trash himself. We decided to team up and found that the impact is greater and much more noticeable when working together – and so the grassroots unity effort of Up to Earth was born.

We are here to encourage people to be mindful of their consumption and waste, inspire others to do their part to clean and beautify their neighborhoods and the planet, and bring individuals together in our effort to restore nature to a more organic state. We hope our passion will encourage you to take responsibility for the future of our planet and take steps, no matter how small, to make our earth a cleaner, safer, more beautiful place to live.


In what ways are you already making an effort to reduce your environmental impact? Do you recycle? Use reusable grocery bags? Or do you need help getting started? Feel free to ask in the comments, we’re here to help!

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