May 2-7 Cleanup Schedule


Come help make a difference in our community by volunteering your time at one of our daily cleanup events! Gloves, bags, and water will be provided, just be sure to wear protective clothing!

If you can’t make it to any of this week’s events due to other circumstances or obligations but you still want to do your part to support the cause, you can make a direct contribution through PayPal or order us some much needed supplies on our Amazon wishlist – both links can be found here! Even if you just have a moment to swing by one our events with some water bottles, sunscreen, insect/tick repellent, energy bars, trash bags, whatever — any and all donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to continue our mission to restore our neighborhoods and natural wildlife areas to their optimum state.

We hope to see lots of new and familiar faces at this summer’s cleanup events, so be sure to follow our blog and Facebook page to stay informed on all our upcoming events! And if you participate in one of these events, share your experience in the comments section so we can spread the word on what a rewarding pastime litter cleanup truly is!


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