Up To Earth is a grassroots effort inspired by the beauty of nature and motivated by a desire to expand awareness and reverence of that beauty.
It begins with an appreciation of what surrounds you. A revival of the childlike wonder and awe that nature inspires.

Our organization’s main goals are to organize volunteer based events to better ourselves, our immediate surroundings, and our relationship with the world we live in at large. Our first task is mainly litter removal and disposal with the principles of sustainability and environmental restoration being paramount. We hope to inspire change by changing ourselves and the places around us for the better.

General Information
Located in the northern Mississippi Valley region, we are a small, but growing group of people in the area who are concerned about our local environments and have vowed to do our best to combat the destruction and intoxication of our lands and rivers.

Up To Earth was founded by myself, Aaron McCartney and my fiancee, Kim Hill, but it is much larger than just us.

Our Mission
To make our whole map Green.

June 19th, 2015

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