Special shoutouts

A special thanks to the organizations and individuals who assist us in completing our mission of getting trash out of our public lands and waterways

Awesometown MVP – Thank you for giving us a place to call home and for supporting and promoting our cause and events!

Harry’s Farm Tire – Fulton, IL – thanks for taking all those tires we dragged out of the woods in Albany!

Tom Roth – City Administrator of Camanche, IA – thank you for helping us dispose of the trash we removed from Swan Slough!

Jersey’s – Camanche, IA – thanks for permitting us to use your dumpster!

Mark Roberts – Education Coordinator, Clinton County Conservation – thank you for helping us dispose of the trash removed from Ben Martinsen Wildlife Area!

Chad Jensen of Bicycle Station & Jensen Oil – thank you for helping us coordinate and host our Lyon’s cleanup!

Brad Seward of CCASWA – thank you the fundraising opportunities of “Keep it Clean on 13th” and “Keep our Roadsides Clean” and for helping us to put on those events!