Tomorrow: Joyce Island 2.0


Thursday, August 6th is Up to Earth’s second group cleanup effort at Joyce Island. The first was a major success even with a modest count of just 10 volunteers. We pulled out 16 bags of trash as well as many other large items, reducing the pollution of our beloved bike path and beautiful Mississippi River. We focused on the entry area of Joyce Island from the bike path, down the rocks, into the woods, and to the riverbanks. This time we work our way farther into the island with the meet up station at the covered pavilion so we will now have a sheltered area to sort out the recyclable items.

Stop by between 9:30 am and 7:30 pm for as long as you would like. All supplies including trash bags, gloves, water and lunch will be provided by the hosts from Up to Earth. And since this is a sponsored Living Lands & Waters Great Mississippi River Cleanup event, volunteers will also get a cool t-shirt! Stop by for an hour or 10 with your working shoes and get ready to have fun while beautifying Clinton and helping our environment.

If you can’t help out in person this time there are lots of other ways to get involved!

Follow our Facebook community page at

Join our Facebook group to find out about future group cleanup events at

Or you can donate to the cause directly to help with the costs of supplies, transportation and proper disposal of trash, food for volunteers, etc. at

We hope to see lots of smiling, ambitious faces at Joyce Island 2.0 tomorrow! Come by and show your support for the cause and do your part to keep our earth clean and our environment safe and healthy for our families and community!

Joyce Island Cleanup 1.0

A few shots from our first official Up To Earth cleanup
A few shots from our first official Up To Earth cleanup

The first official Up To Earth Volunteer cleanup event at Joyce Island was on July 5th, 2015. Everything went smoothly and we got a lot accomplished as well as some new insights about how we can make a bigger impact looking into the future.

Here’s the stats..

Volunteers: 9 people (including us)

Total Volunteer Hours: 47 hrs.

Area Covered: Approximately 28 Acres (One Million Square Feet!)

We picked up:

* 1 Tent

* 1 Matress

* 1 Lawn Chair

* 1 Pesticide Container

* 3 Very Large Pieces of Styrofoam

Plus 16 Large Trash Bags sorted into:

* 100 lbs. of Landfill Waste

* 2 30 Gallon tubs of Recyclable Plastic

* 1 30 Gallon tub of Dirty or Nonrecyclable Plastic

* 1 30 Gallon tub of Polystyrene and Foam (Non-recyclable)

* 1 Partial tub of Scrap Metal

* 1 Partial tub of Refundable Cans and Bottles

* 1 Partial tub of Hazardous Materials (Aerosol Cans, Chemical Containers, etc)

* 1 Partial tub of Broken Glass

Best of:

* 1 Whole Turtle Shell

* 9 Lighters

* 1 Baseball

* 1 Golfball

* 1 Antique Pabst Can

* 1 Partial Hannah Montana Jump Rope

Things that were very common:

* Plastic and Glass Bottles

* Aluminum Cans

* Plastic Bags

* Polystyrene/Styrofoam

-Polar Ice cups

-Bait containers

-Broken Styrofoam pieces

* Broken Glass

* Snack food wrappers (Chips, Candy, etc.)

* Fast food packaging (Cups, Wrappers, Bags)

* Cigarette Butts

* Clothing (Shoes, Socks, Shirts, Pants, Coats)

* Fishing goods (Poles, Lures, Line, Bobbers, Bait Containers)

We got a lot accomplished with only 9 people total throughout the day. Our next event is Saturday, July 11th and we’ve decided to just focus on Joyce Island for the next cleanup or two. Please let me know if you can attend for an hour or more, and RSVP to the Facebook event if you care to.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up to help or helped by donating items or money for supplies! We couldn’t do it without you.

Volunteers :

Myself and Kimberly

Adam Ouderkirk

Sherri Stiles

Jason Jones

JoEllen Hill

Matt Nivens

Jeremy Delgado

Andrea Nicole


Steve Hill

Brian J. Strunk

Adam Fritz

Linda Welch


Living Lands & Waters

Hy-Vee, Clinton,  IA

Howard’s Tap, Albany, IL

Special thanks:

Dan Breidenstein at Living Lands & Waters

Officer Ben Huizenga for lending a hand and supporting our cause.

The kid who pulled out 2 bags of garbage for us on his own time.

Other people who stopped to thank us or showed interest in becoming involved.