Make It Better

“I have enjoyed the chance to share in a few of the organized cleanups last year and this year and by far the most appreciated experience took place this year at the last community cleanup from the riverfront area.

Cleaning up second street and an entire block both sides of second avenue south and seeing the appreciation of everyone for cleaning their front yards and street. I was able to help spread awareness about your efforts with many people walking by and to ask them to help donate their time as well to make better their homes and community for all and not just themselves.

By far the most important moments came to me while cleaning the yard in front of a condemned drug house while singing along to make it better by Satsang and Tubby Love. The entire time thinking of you Aaron and Kim with those lyrics flowing through me.

‘We’re gonna make it better, by making it together- were gonna make it better I know…’

Chills through my whole body knowing that even just the few people who showed up and showed support for you, your efforts and our town and people and knowing that we were able to make a difference no matter how big or small and I was personally able to encourage many thankful strangers to take action on their own and make a difference while holding themselves and their neighbors accountable for something so simple as a plastic can’t wrapper or a drink container was a very heartfelt experience.

I truly appreciate you guys and all that you do to stand up and take action to better this area for all of us. ‘Aspire to be’ is a truthfully important phrase by an amazing man.

You are the change I wish to see in this world.

Thank you again from the deepest depths of my heart for helping me to understand and see that I have the power and ability to do and not just speak.”

-Jon Lundin – Up To Earthling (September 12th, 2017)